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Let me ask you a question...

What do you see in the picture above?

Do you see just a picture of a really dope VW bus?

What if I told you this bus had a story?

It all started back in the local junk yard when Billy found that big Vintage VW emblem you can see staring at you in the picture above, the rest is beautiful.


Billy brought home this emblem to show his dad. His dad glowed like a kid again speechless. He had been sitting on a 1971 skeleton in the backyard of a broken VW bus that he drove while growing up.


This sparked his vision and began the restoration of his beloved bus with Billy. He didn't know much about cars so he shopped around. 


This is when Billy and his dad stumbled upon "Dale's Auto". He was walking around the local town and all the local mechanics didn't want to do a rebuild of any sort and were not the people he wanted to do business with. In almost defeat Billy looked up and saw Dale's neon red lights with the exact VW bus on the roof.

Dale is a VW specialist and has a love for specifically VW bus's, and the rest is history.

Now can I ask you, would you rather go to Dale's if you had an old VW?

- This is a small but important piece to find out with all of our auto clients, what is the demographic:



To keep people coming into the doors and knowing that you even exist. 

We love the auto industry and love driving cars. We aren't very hands on with cars so we know the market very well buy being consumers of most products ourselves.

Let us help out, even if it is along side your shop manager... We will figure out an attack plan on making your business stand out over the others.

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You won't regret it,

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