Campaign strategy is the magic traffic maker to your website / Business conversion. Paid advertisements are very beneficial if you have an amazing website, but it takes a lot of management to insure you have the best ROI with what you are paying. Email campaigns will follow.

WHY? Because people rely on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, all the PPC platforms, to do all their searches and sign up to brand subscriptions on the websites. When you build a solid subscription list they will expect to receive EMAILS that keep them up to date and further creates a more trustworthy brand. When you build trust you build return customers and more profits.

WE CHARGE YOU $2,500/Mo & 




IMPRESSIONS | Campaigns | 

Making impressions is key to online success so that everything can follow.


Impressing people throughout online these days can however be a little more difficult if you don't know what your doing. 


Also, just people seeing your ad is not going to just get someone to buy it. You have to target the exact person to buy it right away or subscribe right away. 


This is why it is like chess and evaluating the next move. When your ads start to plateau you want to try another approach to continue more sales and start impressing the right people. 


We can help identify these people for you.  

PAY PER CLICK | Campaigns | 

What is nice with PPC ads, is you will only pay when people click on your ad. Once they click, than you can track where they are going and how they engage with your call to action and website. 


You can make adjustments and if anything, you can learn how to change things to tailor to more people.


You can learn where to take them through these ads and hyper focus specific people. 


When you start geo-tracking specific people, you will get the best ROI possible. 



The main objective of running campaigns is to gain more traffic to that specific ad.


You can perform this in a multitude of ways, and not just one way is the exact way.


- What I mean is different platforms online attract different types of traffic and some cost more for a more powerful standpoint. 


- Social media sponsored posts are extremely good if your product is affordable. 


- Google and search engines are great for everything as long as you have the best keywords for your brand... without spending to much money. 


- Once you increase your traffic, then you are running a better online business.    


PLATFORMS | Campaigns | 

Understanding the platforms that help you run campaigns is a must. That is where we come in because we know them and trust us, they change all the time. 

Its a bitter sweet love hate relationship with these platforms because they know that they work. If you as the business don't act on these platforms NOW, you can potentially miss out on hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Here are the main four campaign avenues that are all musts:

-Email Campaign (Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Active Campaign)

- Google

- Facebook/ Instagram

- Youtube

These four are how all of our clients make most of their money online, hands down. 


- A performance based full-service strategy, design, mobile app solution, and digital marketing agency focused on delivering growth and efficiency.

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