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Let me ask you a question...

What do you see in the picture above?

Do you see just a picture of a pretty lady getting ready to do someones hair?

What if I told you this Stylist had a story?

Bridget grew up in a very successful family. She was always pressured to become a lawyer or accountant like her parents. 


She grew up always doing her dolls hair into beautiful braids by the age of 6 and did all of her friends hair in school growing up. She loved helping people with their hair. 


Fast forward 24 years and Bridget graduated college with a lawyers degree from Harvard and became a lawyer for 3 years.


She hated it!


She went right into Cosmotology school to get her license and the rest is history.


She has been awarded best in town for styling, updos, and coloring of hair while even traveling to LA and NY to help with on cost actor and actresses hair before going on set.


She loves what she does!


Now can I ask you, would you want to go to Bridget?

- This is a small but important piece to find out with all of our cosmotologist clients:



To keep people coming in and booking more haircuts and colors. 

We grew up with a lot of cosmotologist in the family and have helped them beat the odds right out of school.

Let us help out, even if it is along side your course pro... We will figure out an attack plan on making your business stand out over the others.

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You won't regret it,

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