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Please Read and Proceed

Due to everyone being assholes these days, I need to state that by accepting this you know that your results might be different than others. I need you to understand that Weezle wants to help you in every way possible and sometimes expectations are not met. Reality of business is that things change and we can't be sued for that. That being said, by accepting this you agree to pay our (Weezle LLC.) legal fees if you decide to go to court. Also, please don't steal our information that is associated with Weezle to benefit other business (like starting your own Marketing company) that would suck. We will NOT share your information to any of our other clients. Plain and simple.


Now, we are here to help you as much as possible. We have experience in helping grow companies from $0 sales to $100K in the first year just online. We evaluate where your brand lacks and help you out with our experience as you are investing in OUR EXPERIENCE as we have failed multiple times top help us succeed 2x our failures. If you are here to help Weezle LLC. as a freelancer than all applies for you as well. We are here to help you grow your future and get you more business as well. Main freelancers consist of Photographers, Campaign Managers, Graphic Designers, Sales, or Data Entry. Please email us at if you know anyone looking for more work.  


Our track record is on the success side, so if anything you will learn what works to save you time from failing, LEARN FROM WEEZLE.


We want all mom and pops to be successful, so ask us anything and we will try to refer you to the answer or give you our opinion.


Thanks for choosing Weezle, Now accept and Join the Weezle Crew!


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