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5 NEW DENVER BARS - Check these out! (1/9/20)

1. Honey Elixir Bar: 2636 Walnut St #104, Denver, CO 80205

- This is probably the most rad looking new bar to hit Denver for a while. Click the link in the name to check out the atmosphere this place can bring to your experience in Denver. Right off Walnut street, this place is a great way to start your night or continue your night out with friends, dates, etc.

2. Queens Eleven: 3603 Walnut St, Denver, CO 80205

- Right by the Honey Elixir, you can get a two for one with new badass locations. Walnut St. could be the new hoping street to be on. In the fast growing city of Denver you can become confused with so much new and "improved" places coming and going, so let me know what you think of these places as:

3. The White Chocolate Grill: 8421 Park Meadows Center Dr, Lone Tree, CO

- I don't know how new this place is, but…. it looks amazing, people love it, go for a romantic dinner time experience. I wanted to throw this one in here because people are finding about this place and raving about it just recently. It's out by park meadows so if you find yourself out there, let me know what you think about this place.

4. Dimestore Delibar: 1575 Boulder St Unit A, Denver, CO 80211

- I have a great feeling about this place, and if I was to make this list, I would probably put this at the top as my gut feeling screams this place has "JAZZ HANDS". However, I choose the list by how many people reach out telling me what the best of the best is and this one ranked 4th. Might definitely be a opportunity to be hipster on this one and excite your friends of how cool you are with the helps of Weezle. Let them know about us, we won't tell your secret. :)

5. Counter Culture Brewery: 205 E 7th Ave, Denver, CO 80203

- A new brewery with lots of potential. So far this place has been liked throughout all of you lovely people reaching out to us. They have been kicking butt with brand, likability, and atmosphere. Seems like they definitely know what they are doing. Let us know if you think otherwise.

Enjoy and please let us know what you think about these locations. We love everyones feedback. Just email us at :



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