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Be So Good they Can't Ignore You - YAY, IT'S FRIDAY

Hope your week went well!

The purpose of this Friday tip is to remember that persistence in Business is what makes or breaks a company. You have to feel like you are annoying people to be the best company…. Because remember if your not, than someone else is.

BE SO GOOD THEY CAN'T IGNORE YOU is something I heard from Steve Martin when talking about his success. I don't know if he is the creator of this quote, but who cares. He said it to me first.

- By talking about what you want to get better at to your marketer, employee, friend, or family member you will find that they in turn will want to help you with what you are trying to get better at. This is positive even when you perceive it negatively. People's instincts are to help others even if they want to or not, so we always chime in… yes like me and this website and everything that I do because I indeed love to express what I have learned to others in hopes it will impact them as much as it has for me.

- Material and Ideas are everywhere you go, so with a clear mind and goal you will start becoming more aware of what you want to get better at will be right in front of you.

- Understand how people interact with each other so that you can follow the trend when talking to others in a business setting. Talk in the way they want to be talked to.

- Listen more when trying to be liked by someone. Sometimes customer service lines are set up just to listen and hear the other person vent. People like to be heard, so be the one hearing.

- Be persistent and be the first to follow up with people. This world gets busy, so when you do this first, you can prioritize your schedules instead of waiting for things to happen, do them yourself.

Hope this helps as much as it has helped me,

Austin Pray | CEO WEEZLE LLC.


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