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Everyone Needs Marketing: Here is How you Can Start.. Yesterday

Everyone wants to be known better and create more growth for the company they own or manage, but they don't know how to or fight the changes that everyone needs to do yesterday.

There is a reason so many people are marketing consultants these days, but here at Weezle, it seems to us that most of our job is to clean up other "marketing consultants" messy or under-watched websites, campaigns, and content.

Sure, you can never be so perfect at marketing that you could just stop one day cause your so caught up on stuff, it never ends. There is always something to do and get better at.

- First, you need a badass product that is showcased on your website. Your website needs to convert and attain to your demographics psychology. What do they want? What do they need? How can we make it easier for them to purchase? Is the answers to questions answered? Etc. Please do this right the first time, it is so worth it.

- Second, you need to drive traffic to your website paid and organically. This is where you always here SEO management. It is important to do this right the first time and update consistently. If you don't watch closely, the competition will sneak up on you and take your business. This is done through Google, Facebook, Bing PPC (Pay Per Click), Back-linking to your website for free organic searches, and figuring how to get your rank higher by manipulating the google crawlers with more content, more content, and did I mention.. More content?

- Third, this is where I will say content one last time. You need content to support your brand. Every single brand needs social media. You need social media to gain trust and credibility to your brand. It doesn't matter your follower amount, doesn't matter your likes, but what matters is that you are relevant, your sharing, and your engaging with people. This is always hard to justify as most business owners didn't become a badass at what they do and also enjoy creating content. Also, its hard because most of the time it is really hard to justify if and how it is directly correlated to sales growth unless your just doing paid posts.

If any of these make you cringe and you don't want to do them yourselves, that is where marketing companies (like Weezle) help you out. We enjoy doing all of these and have learned to the do's and don't. That experience is worth it all so you don't mess it up the first time.

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