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How Weezle Is Changing the Tourism Game While Helping Local Businesses Grow (Medium Feature)

In the era of the internet and social media, establishing an online presence is a necessity for any enterprise. Nowadays, consumers are heavily reliant on the internet in almost every aspect of their daily lives, from leisure to learning up to finding whatever they need, almost everything is done online. And with every technology well within reach, it is a miss not to utilize the internet for marketing and branding purposes.

Furthermore, the digital realm is an essential place for small and start-up businesses to establish their credibility and build a network of loyal customers and patrons to help support their venture. A strong online presence also attracts potential customers by allowing them to conveniently find out about a business’s products and offerings. However, as easy as it may seem, building a strong online presence can be a daunting task, especially for small enterprises and ventures. Austin Pray and his team at Weezle are helping local business ventures grow and build their online presence.

A graduate of Colorado State University-Fort Collins with a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science specializing in Hospitality Management Austin Pray is not a stranger to the scene of local business ventures. Growing up to a computer engineer and a small restaurant owner as parents, Austin was exposed early to the wonderful intricacies of coding and restaurant management. Shortly after graduating, Austin became a manager of multiple restaurants. At the same time, he continuously took online coding courses and started working on the first wireframes of the Weezle app.

Through his experience from managing different restaurants and coding at the same time, Austin saw the importance of marketing and online presence to small, especially local business ventures. He started a part-time marketing agency to help his family and friends grow their businesses and establish a digital footprint. He also started marketing part-time for the restaurants he worked for.

Through his marketing strategies and plans, the businesses he worked on had significant growth and improvement. With the overwhelming success of his projects, Austin decided to turn Weezle to a full-fledged marketing agency to help other local businesses grow and establish their presence online.

Now, Weezle is a one-stop marketing agency that offers website and social media content creation, content management, email campaigns, and other digital ad campaigns. The team at Weezle prides itself on their expertise in Shopify and Weebly. They have also partnered with Wix, a website builder, to provide their clients with sites for their products and services.

Aside from their marketing strategies and plans, Weezle also has a free mobile app for local businesses in the United States. The app aims to be the “best local experience finder” by helping tourists and residents find local restaurants, bars, gyms, and hotels to go to. They also have a listing of activities and events one can go to enjoy the local scenery. The app also hosts a “spin the wheel” feature to help its user decide what establishment to visit. By setting a category, the app decides where to go, what to eat, and what to do next.

What started as a part-time marketing agency for only his family and friends, has now expanded to a firm that has helped small businesses build their customer base and establish their online presence. Now, Weezle continuously helps local brands grow and become more successful, with their tagline #supportlocal

For more information about Weezle and the work they do, you can visit their website or follow the Instagram accounts of the Weezle App and Weezle Marketing.

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