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"If someone Offered you a Two Dollar Bill for a One Dollar Bill… Would you Take it?"


So I ask this question to all my clients and the obvious answer is:


However, when delivering our sales pitch I will be honest… People would rather not give the One Dollar Bill away.

Sure, since everyone seem to be a marketing company wanting everyones business it is scary to trust a specific marketing company to do their best to make the business the most money they can for them.

I bring this up because for most of our clients, we are hired to clean other "marketing companies" crap work up and this is because they try the name brand for three times our price first and find out they set up really well, but they automate everything and see how long they can hold on to ya, which typically isn't that long.

We just want to do what works continuously and when our clients want to part ways, we want to make the transfer as easy as possible. We do everything turn key and offer an exit strategy as well… this is how we always part as friends with clients and always get invited back to the business.

We are in theory a marketing consulting company that will do whatever it takes. Sure this is a lot of work for us, but we think it is worth it. We (and every other marketing company say) we do SEO. Which is true, we do a lot of SEO. This is a marketing "trigger word" to act like "we will trick you with confusing words". However, we say SEO, but we prove SEO with campaigns that work and we communicate this every step of the way.

- Google Campaigns, copy, and management of these campaigns convert the best if you have an amazing product and website. Once you have both of these we...

- Increase Organic rank, Free SEO, Natural, Editorial, and Paid.

- Weezle does this by not being lazy… We will find content that makes your business stand out. We do this by helping write blogs and help "google crawlers" fall in love with you and increase your rank. Increasing your rank help you get on the first page when being searched on google WITHOUT having to pay for them. Yes, just with a little bit of work.

- We engage with the world. Forums, Social media, Backlinks (sites that refer your url), etc. etc. and make your business loved by all the nerds in the online cubicles that rank urls to their success.

From there…. Content, sexy content, more content, rare content, Repeat.

Hope this helps why you should give us a try first.

- CHEERS and have a safe weekend.


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