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LA WIRE - Weezle Marketing Feature : Best Marketing firm who Genuinely cares First

Businesses drive economies, and whatever happens to the former affects the latter. Amidst a global pandemic, one of the most widely affected sectors of the community is most likely its local businesses.

With the necessary restrictions in operations today due to the coronavirus pandemic, numerous businesses all over the world have lost so much. Some are struggling to recuperate, and many are doing so by slowly transitioning their focus into digital platforms. Weezle, a locally-owned marketing agency, hopes to unite the public in supporting these local businesses.

Weezle started out as a part-time marketing agency that helped out the businesses of several friends and family of founder Austin Pray. The CEO and founder, who has developed an expertise in the creative and business industries, created the company in light of his passion for marketing and helping others. Austin graduated college at the Colorado State University in Fort Collins and, afterward, spent several years working as a general manager for restaurants. On the side, he took online classes for coding, and through this began his journey in marketing. He initially did marketing work for the restaurants he managed and eventually took on other marketing projects for his loved ones’ businesses.

Today, Weezle is a full-time marketing agency that has catered to automotive, apparel, restaurant, book, and pet grooming companies, among others. “What sets us apart is we genuinely care to help local markets with any online help we can offer,” Austin shares.

The company is particularly passionate about local businesses and helping these gain presence, traction, and traffic on its online platforms. This objective is evident in the Weezle App, which has been launched in its beta form and is available for download both on iOS and Android phones. The app contains features that help local users find the best local businesses that suit their tastes and needs. “Through our awesome Weezle Ambassadors throughout the nation, that know all the fun spots just like the front desk of a hotel or local bartender, we can help save you that conversation, so you don’t have to guess,” shares Weezle on its website, talking about its convenient platform for information on local businesses.

Austin elaborates on the Weezle App: “Our app adjacent to our services focuses on the solution to simplify the over complicated app world that focuses on positivity to local businesses, not negative reviews.” The app is a free local experience finder; Local users, when in doubt or undecisive where to go, eat or relax, need only to “Weezle it” to find the best local hotels, restaurants, bars, gyms, tourists spots, history locations, and many more.

Weezle online marketing, on the other hand, helps local businesses be found by users online. This is done through website creation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media and email marketing, and Google Ads, among other strategies. The company is an expert in ecommerce/business platforms such as Weebly, Wix, and Shopify as well. These services all being in the name of helping local businesses grow.

A blog post on the company’s website entitled “NO BETTER TIME TO SUPPORT LOCAL THAN NOW!” reads: “With COVID and every business having to ‘Hibernate’, the ones struggling the most is and will be the local businesses. They need your support through these times, and they are struggling hard even with all the government assistance. Everyone is struggling, it seems, but living in the present moment, in your community, and feeling the strength you can build right now with teamwork will motivate you even more.”

Partnership is valuable for Weezle, and it always considers itself as an extension of every client’s family and brand.To connect with the company, check out their Instagram page and website.


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