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Weezle Helps Local Brands Establish Online Visibility (The New York Weekly)

Weezle is a free mobile app and a marketing firm for local businesses in the United States. Currently catering to small businesses in over thirteen states, it has helped both consumers and business owners alike.

By building websites, creating social media content, as well as utilizing other methods such as Google ads, Google ranking, email campaigns, and ad campaigns, the company is able to build strong online visibility for its clients. Given the current health crisis posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, building one’s brand online has become essential to the survival of a business. This need is especially real for small businesses who have not yet established their customer base.

It is very possible for a small business with no social media presence to be easily overlooked, especially considering that today’s consumers are heavily reliant on using the internet to find the products and services they require. Visibility in the virtual space provides an accessible way for potential customers to discover the business and learn more about the products and services offered, all the while not having to leave the comfort of their own homes. By being visible on the internet, a brand’s credibility is built. Therefore the brand becomes able to attract more customers as well.

Currently operating in several locations all over the United States, Weezle has helped numerous small businesses build their online presence and establish their customer base in states like Chicago, Illinois, and Vermont, among others. Through both the marketing firm and the free mobile application, it has been instrumental in taking small local businesses to greater heights. They have helped hairstylists gain clientele, authors sell their books, restaurants get more reservations, and more of them gain traffic to their website.

The Weezle mobile app is especially useful for the consumer side of the business. For locals and tourists alike, the app features shops and hotspots in a given area, allowing them to quickly browse through a variety of restaurants, leisure centers, and other stores to find the ones that most suit their needs. This eliminates the time wasted in searching manually.

Sometimes in social circles, it just so happens that no one can decide where the group should go or eat, and to address that, the mobile app has a feature unique to it, which is “spin the wheel.” By setting a category and spinning the digital wheel, this feature lets the app decide which establishment to visit.

Weezle’s founder and CEO, Austin Pray, was raised by a computer engineer and a small restaurant owner. It is thanks to their influence that he had an interest in both restaurant management and coding. He went to the Colorado State University-Fort Collins and graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Sciences, majoring in Hospitality Administration and Management. He later took online courses in coding while working as general manager in different restaurants, and it was then that he started writing the first wireframes of the Weezle mobile app. He found his passion for marketing when he did it part-time for the restaurants he worked for, the success of which became his driving force to expand and turn Weezle into a full-fledged marketing firm. Austin hopes to help more small business owners in the future.

Find out more about Weezle on their website. Follow the Instagram accounts of both the marketing firmand the app for more updates.


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