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The Problem with Corporate Apps, Franchise Companies, & Marketing Companies? (Not All)

This is more of a learning experience of what "actually" goes on in most corporate businesses, not all.

I have consulted many restaurants, both mom & pop local businesses and corporate chains. Thus, while consulting I learned about all the corporate hospitality apps and the corporate marketing firms that saw $$$$$$$ and only $$$$$$$.

Thus, I wanted to create two solutions, even if only a hand full of people capitalized on it: and the creation of Weezle came to be. However, we will talk about that in a different article or check out more on our page (Who is Weezle) this is about the problem...

The problems simply defined is:

- Disconnection with clients all across the bored. (Yes, I get it's a business and we all have quota's, but times are a changing)

- Way over priced!

- Strong arm you to pay them more and get you in what I call a "whirl pool" business model. (Where they don't teach you what they are doing so that you have to continue to pay them)

A great disconnection issue I have had in the past was blatantly telling me as the consultant working for the business they were marketing that "what they do is none of our business, but only the results were". While in fact was 100% of the business's "business" and they had no clue what was actually going on. We ended up finding out the campaign ad spend was about 10% of what they were paying and the 90% of the hefty hefty monthly budget was not even breaking even on conversions. FAIL

- Thus we learned how to do this better than $20K/month marketing companies. Our prices are pennies comparatively in a Win, win business model because we care MORE. Of course our team wears a couple hats in Weezle organization, but that makes us more passionate about helping our brands while seeing the same, if not better results for companies comparatively. (Weird to talk about your prices and I understand it is a stigmata to businesses not to do, but Weezle's values are as transparent as possible)

- Over priced... This is self explanatory, but too bring spotlight to this problem is they bank on clients to give them their entire marketing budget so that they can take what's left over, and for most people that know what they are doing in the marketing business, that is a lot. That is why we pay salaries, overhead, subscription fees, etc. and the left over is for ad spend. If we need more to produce better results we will communicate that. Most marketing businesses count their losses and be silent to see if you notice... Unfortunately I have worked with a lot of these companies in the past. Also, did you know Apps charge companies to post those real reviews that are 5 stars and would help the company because they know the company benefits from these reviews? Lame right? Also, fake crap reviews that you need off the platforms they also charge for? Crazy. There is a lot more to the corporate app crazy story, but that's for another day.

- "Whirl Pool" business model... Where you set up all ad campaigns, website, etc. to code that only they can change update, understand so that if you stop paying your have no clue what is going on, so in theory you would either have to go back to them or start over. No Bueno! We talk nerd because we are awesome nerds, but also know how to talk in "cool" as well. We set things up in very user friendly ways.

Our mission is to help (and I'm not meaning for this to be a commercial), but we are a solution to many of these problems listed above. We love to grow companies and also love to grow our team if we need to, however we care to build both our stories.



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