So recently I started pitching with a pitch deck to clients and it has worked really well!

They learn visually and I don't have to talk as much as I use to. I could keep my conversation more about my clients business more than my own so that I could help them out right away.

This is useful for all sales meetings as people don't want to be bored again and trust me, when running a business everyone annoys you with wanting your business… fair right?

I have been on hundreds of marketing calls myself with other marketing firms and they seem to be the same cut and dry, boring, very sales orientated (like a car dealer) because the bigger marketing firms just want more businesses whoever that may be… Weezle likes to choose and say no to clients as well. This helps us stay happy and keep our clients staying happy, as we are truly 100% there for all of our clients and just think we are an extension to the family.

Just remember that marketing should be fun and not robotic as well as local businesses, they should be fun and not robotic.

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions at: contact@weezleapp.com


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