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We are the best at Mobile and Desktop Websites that convert. We have over 72 active websites that generate over 8.6 Million dollars. This has taught us a lot of things to do, while also teaching us what not to as well. We love using Wix as they have everything and are affordable. We also make sure we get subscribers on our sites so that we can do email campaigns that leads to more sales. We also understand re-targeting, abandon carts, chat, and a lot of other widgets. 


Your story is the only thing unique from you and your competition. How good is your customer service? How accessible is your website? How well do you tell your story? We can help create your story and channel it everywhere online! What you need to share is why you are so passionate in your business and what excites you to get out of bed in the morning.


When you are writing on your website, keep it simple. When you are writing in your blogs make it reachable to google. Be interesting and be unique in less words. Be everywhere so that you can receive backlink ranking power. Ask people to blog for you and give backlinks to other URL's as well. Podcasts and other major platform profiles will help as well. Forums are a great place to share your expert knowledge as well. 


When you are setting up new pages you want to make sure you do everything correct the first time so that you don't waste time. When using wix, you will find everything is customizable... which is good and bad if you don't know what you are doing. Learn basic SEO, learn how to talk to google on the backend, what above the fold, below the fold, and page optimization is when working with Weezle!

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