Websites creation is the heart of any business and should be taken seriously the first time. It is where you build trust with your customers and is where you become loved. If this can be done correctly the first time than your actual business can start thriving on day one. We will do this plus teach you along the way so you don't have to rely on your marketer if you don't have to. That is how we are different, we understand and keep it your business ALWAYS. 

WHY? Because we care to help you grow. Whatever your "call to action" may be, your BUY NOW, or your CALL NOW, SCHEDULE NOW, BOOK NOW... will convert better when your website becomes more easily navigable by an expert, become more simple by an expert, and tracks all helpful information to help your business grow by an expert.


CALL TO ACTION | Website Package | 

Your call to action should be the main reason why you are business or how you do business. There are two main portions of websites:

- Above the Fold = the first half you see of the website. This needs to be extremely straight to the point. Your business statement, what main problem you created a solution for and a link to your call to action to overall help your business the most. 

- Below the Fold = the information about your call to action and why someone should execute what it is you are doing. 

- For example: BUY NOW! Now a days if your selling anything online, you should expedite this step with less clicks and just have the products as your call to action to just add to cart.

- Another example: SIGN UP NOW! This is good if your a service business and need to educate your traffic more before they purchase. Subscriptions are sometimes worth more than money as long as you target them. Also, if you agree to this remember to tease with the "funnel" start of giving something for FREE to collect this information.


The biggest obstacle is trying to fix other peoples mistakes. This is very frustration and sometimes can't even be fixed, so what we end up having to do is starting all over. This is our preferred option because we not only know what works through experience, but mainly because we are experts on platforms, thus set up the websites through these. This is to help create a product where the business owner can manage and make changes themselves if they want so they don't have to rely on us, helping them always feel like they have total control of the business. The biggest mistake we see most of the time is people thinking they need a coded website that crash and break all the time. Website designers like this because they strap you to having to pay them every time you need fixes... We don't do this. We are here for you every step of the way.  


A/B TESTING WITH DATA | Website Package |

What excites us the most and also excites our clients the most is our results. Typically the first couple months is figuring out how the company reacts to its traffic. We finely comb the analytics of the website to focus on converting our traffic into whatever our call to action may be. Sometimes we just test different landing pages with different call to actions to see which perform the best. To A/B test effectively you need to run campaigns as well to see the best results in the quickest amount of time.  


CONVERSIONS |Website Package | 

The final goal for a website is to create one that converts and hit your goals. Your goals could be getting the biggest subscription list possible for a pre-release book, or to convert those leads yourself with a thoughtful email or phone call. This could also be getting the most direct sales for your clothing company or auto part product. This could be building trust and reserving a table right off your website into your restaurant for that night. Whatever it may be, your website always needs to adapt with how people think and share as much information about your story to not only excite yourself and your business, but to also excite your customers/ traffic and be a rockstar.  


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