I'm excited to show you what I have to offer to help improve your business...

- You ready?

So I want to express that I know I am probably applying to a job you probably don't know you need yet or a position that you believe anyone can do, however


I will build a business you never knew you had, what you do with it is still up to you!


I will get people looking at your product that you never knew would like it or best purchase it and I will teach you more about your brand that you didn't know was possible. 


And before I explain how I do this...


I want to build your trust first and start by talking about why I believe $2,222 is a fair price for being your marketing connoisseur for 3 months (about $740.67 a month). 


Do you feel a little uncomfortable?


That is what marketing is about, going outside the "norm" and standing out.

With this package of $2,222 for a 3 month commitment is for my time and I will be your marketing "a la carte chauffeur " a week driving you to your next business goals online.


You choose a topic and I will report what we find out at the end of the week.

These topics are:

- Website Builds & Management on Wix, Shopify, or Weebly.

- SEO, Ranking, & Backlinks

- Campaigns and Ads (This is out of your pocket still)

- Social Media Management & Engagement on one platform

If you want more than one service a week, its simple...

Just add $500 to each service you would like a month.

For example if you want SEO and Campaign management you will pay $2,222+$500 a month. Still one of the most affordable prices I have shopped around for myself. 

I am a marketing consultant and will teach you what I am doing so when you want to graduate from my services... you will know exactly how to work them as I create things without secrets, if you also want to keep paying me, I also really really like this option and will continue to give great value and results. 

That being said, here are some examples: