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A Night in Downtown Denver... Younger Crowd (Local Verified)

My home town Denver, CO is seeing crazier growth every time I go back and visit so I might have to update the fun places I find when I'm back visiting.

From what I remember when I was younger and freshly in the scene this was the normal night out.

We would start in Lodo's area (by Coors Field) also known as Lower Downtown. All the freshly 21 year olds would do the same and there would be a lot of us. We would end up around Cowboy Lounge, Lodo Bar, Brother's bar, Jackson's, and end our night at the Viewhouse or Mile High Spirits.

- Another night out with my industry friends when younger typically looked like starting at 1up Arcade bar, going to Society Bar, and ending up watching music at El Chapultepec, Meadowlark, Herb's Hideout, Marquis Bar, Summit music hall or Beta.

Younger crowds back then I feel like didn't care as much for the speakeasies or the dive bars, but I feel that might be changing.

In another blog after this I will mention my favorite dive and speakeasies in all of Denver that you have to visit at least once and all the "older" modern bars.



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