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A Night in Missoula, MT - Get to know the Town (Local Verified)

I would say Missoula, MT is first a college town (Montana State) home of the Grizzlies, second a music town (LogJam Presents and Knitting Factory), and third an upcoming technology/ entrepreneur town. That being said you might think Missoula is just a mountain town with not much, but you would be surprised how much this town has to offer and is an actual gem.

The town is full of talented go getters and full of happy people. The story is logging is what thrived this town early and the large river is not missed. When I first moved here from Denver, I thought it was a moving lake. Ps. extremely fun to float in the summers.

So a night in Missoula can consist of many things, but what is awesome about this town is the locals will have a blast wherever they decide to end up.

Either at the epic dive bars, around to the local music venues, over to the modern classy joints, they keep it fun and interesting.


1. Mo Club (Missoula Club) for a hamburger.

2. Charlie B's (Dinosaur Cafe) for some of the best Cajun Food.

3. Stockman's Bar for a late night people watching/ dancing.

4. Al's & Vic's or the Rhino for Pool Tables.

5. The Bodega for some Basketball and cheap drinks.


1. The Wilma will bring some of the biggest artist to the small town.

2. The Top Hat being the sister of the Wilma, has amazing food but also some of the best local music most nights.

3. The Union Club is top of all the local and dive bar mixes in town.


1. Plonk is probably the most modern along with the Michi Ramen seen next to Cara's Park.

2. James Bar has amazing food and cocktails.

3. The Depot at the far Northside of Downtown is a good mix of both fine dining and local.

4. Scotty's Table and Finn & Porter have the best patios along the river.

5. Also, would check out The Keep and The Pearl Cafe for your classy fix or date night.

More or less, with an open heart of fun you will not be bored in Missoula. There is something fun on every street downtown.



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