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Added Top Locations & City Websites: WHY?

We are continuing to add Weezle's Winners to our website here: LINK

- We also added the top cities websites to the states

We added the top cities websites because they of course are typically the best at knowing what the best places are in their home towns are. They are updated faster and better than any app out there so enjoy.

Weezle thinks it is very important to support local locations not only because it stimulates the local economy, but because it also will give you the best experience in the town that you are in that will last longer than if you go to any corporate location. We have worked in the industry and most of us were pushed out by the corporate chain restaurants and also found that the corporate apps would also need you to pay them to take off hurtful information and to post helpful information by guests. It was just messed up.

Weezle's goal is to always help and not hurt businesses. We do this by either featuring your business on the app because you have proven that you are one of the best local locations that people love or by helping you by marketing your business through website creation, campaign set up / management, and social media engagement to build trust and help have customers return to your establishment for further success.

We are here to help both customers and business owners and like to think we are the experts in fun.

Thanks for reading and please let us know if you have any further questions at:



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