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BE PERSISTENT, Thank us later!

Happy Friday and sorry for the later post, we got busy today helping people grow their businesses.

Today we definitely needed to remember to stay persistent with helping businesses grow because it is the new year and everyone has new goals. When you stay persistent in brand awareness, engagement, and content you will see a huge increase in the trust people have for your business.

This is something that you might have to work on every single day, but the pay out will be worth it and possible even be the only reason you stay in business. We all know competition is out there and it is saturating the industries that we love, but it can also help us when people lack the skill of persistence and make your "persistent" business glow and stand out amongst them.

When posting content and engaging with potential customers you will always want to be fun and professional, but more fun. People are always bored with boring companies, so stand out and be unique. Some of the hardest clients we have are the ones that are hesitant to make a joke, scared to not please everyone, etc. but at the end of the day if the customers don't fit your brand, you might be better off without them. Sticking to this model I have always found out is good for two reasons:

- You and your staff will be happier without these pain in the butts...

- & second and most importantly, your customers will typically enjoy not having these people there as well.

Think of those bars that kick out the pain in the butt customers right away…. they are typically the most fun bars to be at.

The point is, is to stick to your mission statement that can never change. Your integrity, moral, and ethical business practice is what will make people enjoy your business the most and will unravel your amazing and unique story that will continue to grow your business organically.

Always be persistent with you mission statement and always try to grow around it. Focus on everything that is bringing some type of toxicity to your mission statement and always change. Don't be afraid of changing toxicity if it is an employee, customer, operational partner, or even yourself. Be humble to always be aware of whatever it may be.

Let me know what you think of persistence at , I would love to hear it.

- Cheers


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