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Client Spotlight - HEALthy MODERN hYOUman - Scott Billadeau

Scott (Author and Client of ) introduces a Phenomenal Approach to Achieving Self-Healing

Achieving good health in a very toxic world can be very challenging for people who are fully immersed in an unhealthy lifestyle, stressful environment, and unhealthy eating habits. Quite often, the long-term effects of a toxic environment and lifestyle impact people’s health and overall well-being. And living with chronic conditions such as cancer, diabetes, dementia, heart disease, mood disorders, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s, among others, is no way to live at all. Book author Scott Billadeau is giving people a healthy option to combat disease through his book HEALthy modern hYOUman, a remarkable breakthrough in modern medicine that promotes optimal health. Immersing in extensive research was something that was forced upon Scott after experiencing a traumatic event involving his son. The experience made him look deeper into the American Healthcare System and discovered so many realities and flaws that changed the way he viewed what he previously knew. “I didn’t fully do my homework before. Then I was given a life-or-death assignment. I have since done my homework, and I’m ready to report back what I’ve found,” he explained. For eight long years, Scott read through a million pages of scientific research and studies, medical textbooks, all kinds of health books, attended online and offline lectures, doctor and patient forums, and engaged in direct conversations with several researchers to have a better understanding of the situation. In the end, his collated materials and data were nothing but a real eye-opener, and he deemed it necessary to share his summary through a book that will ultimately change the lives of millions of people. HEALthy modern hYOUman is considered by medical practitioners and academicians alike a groundbreaking achievement that will empower people to work on healing themselves. Through proper nutrition and developing a healthy diet, readers of the book can start taking concrete and practical steps to start making significant changes in their health and well-being. Before writing HEALthy modern hYOUman, Scott was a university professor, a passionate health advocate, serial entrepreneur, and member and elected auditor of the Triple Helix Association. He has had the opportunity to work in different parts of the country and around the globe as well, giving him a vast perspective of modern society. He is especially inclined towards Science, Math, and the use of intuition in understanding the things around him. The release of HEALthy modern hYOUman is just the beginning of what Scott hopes will become a well-researched and highly educational volume of books that will strengthen peoples’ knowledge of good health. By improving how people understand good health, he hopes to motivate them to take control and responsibility for their eating habits and lifestyle. The promotion of this practice will have a significant impact on the overall health of countless Americans who suffer from various physical conditions, from obesity to chronic diseases. One of the things that Scott Billadeau looks forward to in the future is organizing a HEALthy hYOUman Summit that will gather medical practitioners, health enthusiasts, and scientists alike to promote self-healing by using the right kind of information on health. At the end of the day, Scott is all about advocating pursuing a healthy lifestyle, one that will allow people to live their best lives without having to suffer from the debilitating effects of a chronic illness. Learn more about HEALthy modern hYOUman by visiting its website.

Media Contact Company Name: HEALthy modern hYOUman Contact Person: Scott Billadeau Email: Send Email Phone: 406-396-5044 Country: United States Website:


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