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*TIP: Some of the best Colorado Mexican restaurants can be found all up and down Federal Blvd. One of Colorado's Mexican Food "Veins" running north and south throughout Colorado, you will found really good Mexican food almost every block.

Here are the Weezle's Ranked best Mexican on Federal Blvd.

1. Puerto Vallarta Mexican - 35 Federal Blvd.

- This is a destination for Mexican and a rememberable experience. You will enjoy everything from the amazing drinks and the best Mexican food. Very authentic, above and beyond experience!

2. Torres Mexican Food - 1597 S. Federal Blvd.

- Best Seafood and Drinks on Federal.

3. Tarasco's New Latino Cuisine - 370 S. Federal Blvd.

- The Mole de siete chiles is fantastic. Mole is typically a hit or miss at most Mexican restaurants, however Tarasco's is not a typical restaurant. Check out their really cool website and learn their story.

4. Birrieria El Viejon - 3000 S. Federal Blvd.

- You have to go here to try out the Birria (Slow cooked Mexican stew) as they have mastered this almost to perfection. They don't have a website that I can find easily and that is a shame as I love to learn stories of how they "became" to be the best birria in Colorado.

5. Chili Verde - 2311 Federal Blvd.

- BEST FOR DATES and a very elegant night out on the town. Chili Verde on Federal is not like the traditional authentic Mexican restaurants above, but probably the best presentation, overall taste, and fits in with all the extravagant Denver fancy Mexican restaurants.

Mexican is amazing all throughout Colorado and frankly, I don't think I have had bad Mexican in the entire state (Beside Casa Bonita, if that counts). The restaurants typically have their specialty item and it is important to try this item on the menu as it is a part of the restaurant's success and story. This item is what makes them stand out above the rest and creates a unique and rare environment throughout the restaurant.


- Weezle


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