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Top Five things to look out for when choosing your Marketer : Don't be Scammed by Marketing Pop-ups

In 2021, everyone seems to be the new and upcoming marketer because they took one course online...

I initially get super excited because I typically need help or need help collaborating work, however this is typically not the case these days and they are zero help.

Doing full service marketing since 2013 I have even realized most of my work comes from me talking to business owners and they are sick of their marketing firms being extremely lazy and pointless to be paying. They are tricked into thinking the marketing company genuinely cares about their business growth and just want their paycheck. This is an ongoing trend these days, and its bad… I have to fix these mistakes and most of the time start over.

Anyways… ;)

Top Five things to look out for when choosing your Online Marketer : Don't be Scammed by Marketing Pop-ups or Imposters

  1. PORTFOLIO : What have they done in the past?

  2. SUCCESS STORY : What is their testimonials from other clients?

  3. RANKING : Do their websites rank on google when you search for them?

  4. CONTENT : What does their engagement look like on social media and is their content likable?

  5. PRICE : Why do they think they deserve to be paid the amount they are asking for?

I enjoy marketing and really love helping grow businesses. They are not just a paycheck, they become my "coach". They teach me how to be better and how they want to utilize my shared knowledge into actionable steps for their business.

- I have three clients that have been with me since 2011. They have stayed with me because of the results and consulting I offer them every month. I help give them this with an affordable price every month and even take courses for them specifically in their niches and implement a lot of it daily if it aligns with the marketing plan we have for the month / week.

Moral of the story is, do your research. Marketing companies should be here to genuinely want to help you grow your company and they should have shown in at least a hand full of times with other clients of theirs or for themselves.

Let us know if you have any questions for us or if you would like for us to cross reference your marketing team or give you a FREE marketing plan. We are here to help ;)

- Austin Pray | CEO Weezle

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