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I like to get straight to the point as I don't personally like to read, so why would I expect others to like it.

1. William and Graham (Tejon St.) : This speakeasy is top #1 in Denver, because I was so confused why my friend was taking me there I will never forget the shock value it had when opening the library door to the main dining / bar room.

2. Punch Bowl Social (Broadway St.) : This is the most exciting, nerdy, low key place in Denver close related to the Cider place in Rhino C Squared Ciders. They both have the best interactive games in Denver and make sure you take lots of pictures, because everyone does. Bowling, ping pong, Corn Hole, Huge Corn hole and Beer pong (C Squared) are always set up for a good time.

3. Retro Room (Larimer St.) : PICKLE SHOTS, the best and original.

4. Mile High Spirits (Lawrence St.): Where you typically end your night and Dance your face off. Turf outside is fun to refresh and get fresh air.

5. Linger, Root Down, Ophelias, El Five, Vital Root : Edible Beats : It is clear that it wasn't just me to find these locations the best and most memorable establishments in Denver. I don't even know if I have ever been full at these restaurants, but the environment distracts me so much I just don't care. These are the coolest and most fun restaurants/ bars.

These are the top 5 that come to mind when visiting back to Denver. Go check them out yourself and enjoy. PS. bonus... if you want breakfast, go to Snooze.

- Cheers



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