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*TIP: First Mexican Restaurant to Serve delicious Pork Green Chile with Hatch Chiles and not just "Green Verde" sauce will always Win hands down.

1. Tia's Big Sky - 1016 W. Broadway

- This is hands down the best and most authentic Mexican food in Missoula. Very much on the expensive side and expect to stand in line for a while, but great things come at a cost with money and patience. It will be worth the wait.

* Tamales and Tacos are the best! Website does a very good job in telling the businesses story.

2. Fiesta en Jalisco - 3701 Brooks Street or 4880 N. Reserve St.

- A more traditional Mexican place, more on the corporate side with their success. You can find a Fiesta en Jalisco in 7 cities and totaling 11 stores throughout Idaho and Montana. Fiesta en Jalisco is fun for the family and they provide really good service.

* Fajitas is always the go to! Website is fun and does a good job telling the businesses story once again.

3. El Cazador - 101 S. Higgins Ave.

- Similar to Fiesta en Jalisco, El Cazador has some of the best traditional Mexican food. The Food truck drives all throughout the city and does a good job marketing. El Cazador has very dedicated staff and they all do a really good job providing the best service to their customers.

* Fajitas and Guacamole! Website is simple and straight to the point.

This pretty much sums up your Best Local Mexican options in Missoula, MT. As Missoula is not known for their amazing Mexican food, they do supply options that are way better than the chain restaurants that litter towns.



- Weezle


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