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Top Ten Denver Bars you Have to Go to (Local Verified)

SHHHH... We are talking about Speakeasies in Denver, CO.

I was always the person people would go when trying to entertain guests or dates and these places I will mention now were all the most memorable experiences I would recommend.

1. Williams and Graham: Walk through the library door when ready, after giving the "librarian" your ID. Walk inside a grudge lit speakeasy, almost seems just like you walked into the 1920's. The drinks are strong just like they were meant to be. The bathrooms stood out to me with the tanks to flush being above my head.

2. Green Russell: Walk down a staircase into a fully functional bakery saying "I'm here for drinks". You will be escorted to the small room with amazing aromas and dark lit candles.

3. Peaks Lounge: Good for the views, located on the 27th floor in the Hyatt Regency.

4. The Cruise Room: Inside the Oxford Hotel, this small bar is fun to experience. First bar to open the day after Prohibition's repeal you will feel it while glowing in the red light surrounding you.

5. Cooper Lounge: A wonderful bar to get your first drink at if your taking the train into town or the bus. Located in the famous Union Station.

6. Retrograde: Inside Frozen Matter and walk through the freezer door. After flipping the switch, embrace the breathtaking experience.

7. B&GC: Goodluck getting in... Inside the Halcyon hotel in Cherry Creek, you have to be a member or staying at the hotel. Keeps the mystery of this location in tact. Location is in the alley with the sign saying Stair 3 and a golden doorbell.

8. Millers & Rossi: Located behind the desk in the art gallery... Enough said about this one. Super cool experience.

9. Saint Ellie: Located in the Highland district, you will find this one in the basement of Colt & Gray.

10. Hidden Idol: Tiki Themed bar inside a bar.

If you live in Denver or close, try to make it to all these bars to feel like you have experienced all that Denver has to offer.



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