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The Broadmoor Experience

The Broadmoor Experience


Aside from mountain resorts (the views), was hands down one of the best resort experiences I have had in Colorado. Everything was set up to give the guests the most welcoming experience they could control, by having a "gate welcomer" that directed you to where to park, valet options, or any questions you have.

Next, you get the most comforting welcome from all the bell hops, valet staff, and front desk team. They are extremely attentive to all the guests concerns you have with very genuine responses. You can tell they are trying to extract any cue to why you are staying there, any big events, or anything cue that they could go above and beyond for you to accomplish.

With my past knowledge with working in the hotel business, I knew that this was what every hotel wanted to train and expected from the staff to succeed in doing, but was tremendously hard to execute for all the team members to collectively join in on. They executed with perfection.

From then on, you go outside after passing all the luxurious restaurants. This is my favorite part with being blown away with how enchanting the view is of the rustic contemporary style building, the magnificent pool with views of black hills, and the Broadmoor pond right when you walk outside the doors. The Broadmoor has an infinity pools going into the pond, two big slides, cabanas, pedal boats, a bridge connecting the two buildings of the spectacular hotel, and a wait staff who is there for your every need.

Once you finally get to your room from swimming through all the many distractions, you enter a room with a "this could be a room from Titanic" feel. With the history behind this establishment, it feels like they kept as much as they could have of the original 1918 decor.

When you pass the hallway of famous people that have stayed at the hotel, you will understand how big a staple this place is to be in Colorado.


Go to: Ristorante Del Lago

Unique: Boutique of fresh roses throughout the resort

Downside: Most of the Restaurants and Bars were filled with private events when visited multiple times.


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