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What Montana Marketing Agencies should be doing in 2022

Montana is first beautiful, and so should be telling the stories of the wonderful Small Businesses here in Montana.

Living here for 5 years, I have identified the disconnect of fun marketing vs the bare minimum marketing.

Having clients in Colorado, Idaho, California, Arizona, Montana, Washington, etc. the biggest differences from Montana Clients to the others is Montana stories seem to be a lot more genuine.

They also want to pay a lot less, they are a lot more hands on, more un-trusting, and a lot more patient with telling you yes or no… which is what makes Montana … Montana. Ps. Don't plan on closing any marketing deals around hunting season. Ha

However the trust issues may lie within getting burned by other "marketing" firms who are much outdated. Don't get me wrong their are a lot of amazing marketing firms as well, but they are hard to find.

So I will get to the meat and potatoes, here is what the GOOD vs BAD do different.

  1. PERSONABLE : Good marketing firms create a sense of community with all of their brands. They have an amazing interaction and engagement with the small communities they live in. They know the demographic and say exactly what they want to hear to convert traffic into sales.

  2. MODERN WEBSITE : Websites in Montana are OUTDATED! They need some loving as more out of state people are moving in. Regardless if you don't like this, they are moving here in droves (like myself, but don't worry my wife grew up here). You will start having to update everything to tailor to these new modern futuristic types, with your own Montana touches of course.

  3. HAVE FUN : Marketing has to always be fun as ads these days are grey and boring. Marketing is all about telling the story of the business that helps stand that business out, over its competitors. Telling the story in VIDEO, PHOTOS, & TEXT is the entire package. Do this daily and be creative in how you deliver it.

When you do these three things, you will become success here in Montana.

PS. Design rush is doing a shoutout to the "Top 5 Montana Digital Agencies" and we (Weezle LLC) are here to hopefully be spotlighted. Go check it out at :

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